Sell us your stuff!

How it works

*Must download app “HOTBOX” to upload photos* 

To receive a quote in 24h:

    1. Upload a clear photo of each item you are looking to sell by clicking the photo icon.

    2. Provide a fair asking price for each item in the description.

    3. Submit form and wait to receive a custom ‘quote range’ within 24 hours, sent to your email via Docusign.

    4. Sellers will receive an email with a custom 'quote range’ for the items HOTBOX is willing to purchase.
      EX: $1250-$1500 CASH or $1350-1700 Store credit.
      $1250 being the minimum cash amount the seller will receive, $1500 being the greatest cash amount the seller can receive.
      Please note, pre-owned items will have a larger quote range compared to DS items.

    5. After reviewing the quote range, sellers can instantly start the payout process by signing the selling agreement via Docusign. Sellers will have the option to take the cash or trade offer. Once signed they have agreed to receive any offer within the ‘quote range’ provided. 

    6. Once signed, sellers will receive a UPS Shipping label via email.   Sellers will have up to 3 business days to drop off their package(s) to UPS after the label(s) have been provided.

    7. The HOTBOX team will further evaluate and authenticate each product once received, to determine the FINAL payout within the ‘quote range’.

  • Once the final payout is determined, the seller will receive payment via e-mail transfer. 

    Sellers that select the trade value will receive an online gift-card via email (redeemable online and in store).

    All items sent to HOTBOX are paid by the seller at a discounted UPS rate 

    ($10 single sneaker, $6.00 per multiple sneakers, $10-$15 Medium - large clothing box)
    Shipping costs will be deducted at payout.
    The Seller’s Payout will never be less than the lowest quote range including shipping fees.
    All items that are not authentic or equivalent to photos provided from each seller will be sent back at the sellers cost.
    Sellers are offered “Quote Ranges” to allow the HOTBOX staff to see the condition of each item in person prior to releasing any funds. 

    We encourage sellers to try their best to bring their items to any of our stores to receive the cash out/trade offer in person.